french cleat

french cleat

How will your recognition display mount on the wall?

The vast majority of our wall-mounted recognition displays are hung using one or more French cleats. A French cleat is a horizontal board that is cut to angle up along its length.

The French cleat is attached to the wall using a level with the angle pointing toward the ceiling. A corresponding angle is cut into the display allowing it to be lowered onto the French cleat. The weight of the display forces it flush against the wall. In fact, a great number of kitchen cabinets are hung using this same French cleat system.

Below is a step-by-step pictorial guide that may be helpful when installing your display.

Side view of French cleat

Display using one French cleat

Display using two French cleats

Measure & level for French cleat placement.

Mount the French cleat to the wall.

Check the placement of the French cleat.

Apply silicone on the French cleat &
display to secure it in place.

Slide panel onto French cleat.

Repeat same steps until all panels
are in place.