obstetrics faq's

obstetrics faq's

What percentage of eligible donors will participate in the Birth Recognition Program?

This has a lot to do with demographics as well as how aggressively the program is promoted. Our best data seems to indicate about 5-15% per year. The program gets stronger as time goes on, more footprints are on the wall, and more people know about the program.

What are some examples of Program Names?

Some hospitals have existing themes for their maternity ward. We would be happy to tie in that theme with your program. Several examples of themes other hospitals have used are: First Footsteps, Cradle Crowd, A Star Is Born, and Stork Club. We have used images of teddy bears, storks, stars, building blocks, balloons, etc.

How long should footprints be displayed?

The intent of the program is to keep all of the baby’s footprints up forever. Some hospitals feel they will have a space constraint with this approach. If this is the case, a minimum of five years for displaying footprints is recommended. The chances are a family might return to the hospital to have another child during that time. If footprints are going to be removed, this should be stated in your materials and a method of getting the footprints to the family should be created. One institution has taken an annual giving approach. The footprint stays up for two years and then only remains up with an annual gift.

What should be the contribution level?

Again, this is a demographics issue to some extent. Experience shows that $100.00 is the lowest level in order to make the program profitable and $250 seems to be pushing the high end.

How can the program best be promoted?

It is essential, as with everything, to get the word out. Develop an attractive brochure and display it in all appropriate places (doctor’s offices, Lamaze classes, etc.). Include your brochure in all prenatal information packets. Be creative in your marketing, the more exposure the more interest…include it on billboards promoting your maternity center, use ads in the newspaper or in Junior League publications, etc. It is important to ‘pre-sell’ the program. Parents and grandparents should be exposed to the program before the baby is born. Additionally, the nursing staff must be involved to the extent that they accept the program and are enthusiastic about it. They will reap the rewards.

How do you get interest in the program started?

The program tends to sell itself once there is a good visual display of footprints. You want to have as many footprints as possible up on the wall when you install the display. One way to do this is to offer a ‘special introductory price’ to your employees in order to get the program going. Remember that any person born at your hospital can have their footprint included on the wall. We can work from copies of footprints or, if none is available, we can provide a generic option..

Who should be footprinted?

Every baby born should have a footprint on record for the baby program. Parents (or grandparents) often decided after they leave the hospital that they want to contribute. In fact, some foundations send a follow up letter to families who have not participated in the baby program and suggest they consider this form of support and recognition.

What is the cost of the program?

We can create a design that reflects your maternity program. Because everything we do is custom, our best advice is to contact on of our sales reps directly to discuss the details of your project and particular needs.

How do we get started?

We would be delighted to create a custom design for you based on your input. We can also provide you with samples of the footprints, brochure samples and other marketing ideas if you so desire.