Proposal Questions

Recognition Display Questions

  1. Who are you recognizing?
    • Are there levels of giving that need to be recognized? If so, what are those levels or donation amounts?
    • How many names are currently in each level?
    • How many names do you plan to add to each level per year?
    • How would you like to display names? Alphabetically, Freeform, etc.
    • What information will go on each nameplate (name only, in memory/honor of, a photo, etc.)?
  2. Will the board need to be changed and/or updated? And at what frequency? Quarterly, Annually, Periodically?
  3. Is there any specific wording, logos or images you would like to see on the custom rendering?
  4. Will there be a need for room naming plaques to coordinate with the display?
    • Sizes?
    • How many?
  5. Would you like a brochure holder?

Location Questions

  1. Where will the recognition display hang? Indoors/Outdoors?
  2. What is the design style of the area (modern, traditional, rustic, etc.) & what is the color scheme?
  3. What type of lighting is in the area?
  4. How big is the space you would like to use for the recognition display? Length? Height?
  5. Is the wall curved? If so, Convex or Concave & what is the radius of the curve?
  6. Are there any other significant architectural features in the area?
  7. Are there photos or artist renderings of the area that you can share with us?

General Questions

  1. What is the budget for the project?
  2. When does the finished recognition need to be in place?
  3. Would you like an artboard with sample materials? If so, to what address would you like the artwork and quote delivered?