Display Mounting Instructions

French Cleat

The vast majority of our wall-mounted recognition displays are hung using one or more French cleats. A French cleat is a horizontal board that is cut to angle up along its length. The French cleat is attached to the wall using a level with the angle pointing toward the ceiling. A corresponding angle is cut into the display allowing it to be lowered onto the French cleat. The weight of the display forces it flush against the wall. In fact, a great number of kitchen cabinets are hung using this same French cleat system.

Download a step-by-step pictorial guide for French Cleats that may be helpful when installing your display.

Clear Change Panel

Our Clear Change System provides you an easy and cost effective way to update any list. Clear film acetate is mounted behind scratch resistant acrylic, which is held flush to the display with caps. The Clear Change System is a seamless approach to recognizing donors, allowing imagery to continuously flow behind the names.

Download a step-by-step pictorial guide for Clear Change Panels that may be helpful when updating your display.

Stand-Off to Wall Mounting

With our Stand-off System, glass, acrylic or other materials are suspended on metal posts and caps giving a dimensional look to your display. Varying depths are also possible to further create a more dramatic look.

Download a step-by-step pictorial guide for Stand-Off Panels that may be helpful when updating your display.

Freestanding Letters & Accents

Freestanding letters and accents are mounted directly to your wall. They can stand alone or in close proximity to your display.

Download a step-by-step pictorial guide on how to successfully install in your space.

Maintaining your Display

Removing or Moving ClearTech Nameplates

ClearTech Systems have a printed background beneath your clear acrylic nameplates. This printing is cured before it is shipped but there is always a chance that it could get scratched if proper care is not taken in moving, removing and adding nameplates.

Download a pictorial guide for removing or moving you ClearTech nameplates.

Maintaining your Outdoor Printed Metal

Cleaning with harsh cleaners that contain chemicals is not recommended, as this may damage the clear poly coating. We recommend cleaning every few months, or as needed to preserve the original finish.

Download a guide to maintaining your Outdoor Printed Metal.