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The Philanthropy Gallery at Holy Cross Health Showcases Cumulative Contributions

Holy Cross Health in Fort Lauderdale, Florida recently renovated their lobby to include a Philanthropy Gallery showcasing donors at all levels. The Giving Societies at Holy Cross Health were established to express gratitude and acknowledge the generous cumulative contributions of individuals and organizations who have dedicated themselves to advancing the mission of Holy Cross Health through philanthropic support.

Through the use of multiple changeable back-lit panels, Holy Cross Health was able to highlight their most generous donors. The use of lighting not only brightens the room, but also creates welcoming vibes that draw viewers in to take a closer look. This in turn gives your donors more visibility and encourages them to reach higher levels of giving. This display also incorporates an interactive touch screen monitor which allows for endless possibilities. This feature can hold infinite amounts of names that would be quickly update-able, can highlight major donors that could include donor stories, can incorporate ways to give, can display way finding throughout the hospital… and the list goes on.

When you work with Partners In Recognition, we guide you through every step in the donor recognition process. We make sure the motivation behind recognizing your donors is seen. We create a display’s functionality based on the needs of your organization. When donor recognition is done right, it cultivates relationships with existing donors and encourages them to reach higher levels of giving while also attracting new donors. Showcasing your donors makes them feel like they’re an important part of your story – because they are!