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Dedication of OhioHealth Display

Blue Lobby Dedication

In conjunction with the construction of a new patient tower and lobby at Riverside Methodist Hospital, OhioHealth wanted to update its cumulative giving donor recognition for the facility. […]


OhioHealth RIverside Glass Donor Wall

OhioHealth Riverside Bing Cancer Center

Major donors to the Bing Cancer Center at OhioHealth Riverside Hospital were recognized on this Corian and glass recognition display. Each donor name is engraved on its own crystal clear glass plate that mounts[…]


Walter Kronkite TV Wall

Walter Cronkite Memorial

Missouri Western State University turned to Partners In Recognition, Inc. to help make the dream of the Walter Cronkite Memorial into reality. he museum includes many exhibits which include[…]


Arizona Memorial in Environment

Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

If you are tired of winter, you may want to go see Partners In Recognition’s donor recognition display at Pearl Harbor. The memorial overlooks the harbor and gives the people a pretty good view[…]


PIR handing over Charitable gift

Partners In Recognition Charitable Gift to Loaves & Fishes

Celebrating 10 years in business serving the non-profit community, Partners In Recognition started the PIR Charitable Gift Fund. In this the first year […]


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